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The place to train in Judo in Camden. The place to train in Judo in Haringey.

Judo in London


  •  Beginner's Judo Taster Sessions at Highgate Judo Club and Tottenham Judo Club .

    Course is run by Roland White 6th Dan Judo

    Women and Men , Boy and Girls welcome.

    Ages 13 - 50 year old welcome

    Cost : 1st Lesson Free, then classes cost £5.00 per session

    for WOMEN JUDO in London

    Come and learn this martial art which is also now an olympic sport.

    You will meet new friends

    Get fitter

    Loose weight

    Get more confidence

    Have fun

Welcome to Tottenham and Highgate Judo Clubs in North London. London Judo at its best

 Judo in a traditional style as laid down by the founders Jigaro Kano and the other past master who taught in the UK .

If you would like to learn Judo in the Tottenham or Highgate areas it would be our pleasure to have you

What Is Judo

Judo is a Martial Art. It is a system of unarmed combat and close quater defence that uses the attackers strentgh and weakness to defeat them. All of the techniques were extracted from Jujitsu by Professor Jigaro Kano around 1870 to form a comprehensive sport which he called Judo, (Gentle Way").

The techiniques used are throws, arm locks, chokes, strangles and hold downs.

Today Judo is a well known Olympic sport and there are various levels of competitions held from club level through to national level.

Judo is suitable for men, boys, girls and women.


You will be taughy by team of qualified ,freindly and understanding instructors. The hall where you will be taught will have mats laid on the floor to absorb the impact of throws and avoid injury.

Safety is paramount in Judo, so the first thing a person learns is how to fall safely, (breakfalls). Once this is learned the student moves onto to learning throws.


We aim to provide a high standard of tution in Judo and preserves the traditional values of etiquette and philisophy associated with the Martial Arts, whist ensuring that the students have fun.

All of this is provided in a safe , freindly and welcoming atmosphere.

We currently hold training sessions in 2 different locations, Highgate and Tottenham. At all sessions step by step instruction is provided.

Our Clubs are affiliated to the British Judo Council

Beginners Judo Courses

We run regular beginner induction classes for Women and Men.  We expecially promoting Judo for Women Beginners.



Members of the club in action


Club members practising standing Randori (Free sparring)


Club members practising Ground work Randori (Ground fighting) 

Highgate Judo Club
The Hollylodge Community Centre
3O Makepeace Avenue
London N6 6HL
Practice Time Tuesdays 7.00 -8.30pm
Tel:: 0775 222 5677
Tottenham Judo Club
Tottenham Community Sports Centre
701 High Road Tottenham
London N17 8AD
Practice Time Thursday  9.00 -10.15pm
Tel: 0775 222 5677