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The grades in Judo are denoted by coloured belts as folows:

White Belt                6th Kyu
Yellow Belt               5th Kyu
Orange Bely             4th Kyu
Green Belt                3rd Kyu
Blue Bely                  2nd Kyu
Brown Belt                1st Kyu
Black Belt                 1st - 5th Dan
Red and White Belt   6th - 8th Dan 

Gradings are held every 12 weeks and these are seen as a method of measuring progress, rather than an examination.
For gradings students will usually attend one of the North London British Judo Council's area gradings, where as well as taking part in the grading they get the opportunity to train with people other than their regular club members and hence make new friends.

On occasions grading for students below green belt will be carried out at the club. But usually students will attend area, regional or national gradings.